Logistics is moving toward full automation except for dock appointments

We spent several years in freight brokerage and logistics for some of the largest global companies and saw EVERYTHING in logistics has become Automated EXCEPT FOR this insanely antiquated process of massive call centers on both ends of supply chains handling the setting of delivery dock appointments before any truck can ever be booked!

This problem slows the tendering of freight, lacks systems and information flow and integration and creates mass human resource needs for large retailers, their vendors and logistics companies.


Thus we came up with the idea of Dock Clock

A simple way for trucks and logistics companies to schedule a time and select dock doors to deliver and unload their goods at Big Box and other Large Retail Chains.

We speed up supply chains and freight scheduling and truck bookings. We provide automation, information flow and enhanced information sharing, systems integration, ease of process and information flow from supply chain deptartment to dock employees and massive savings in internal resources to allocate to emerging technologies and other support departments.